Saving Money Can Be Good For The Environment


In the typical home air conditioning uses more electricity than anything else. In warmer regions your air conditioning system can be costing you up to 70% of your summer electric bill! This is where the savings is; it isn't because you're charging too many phones.

The easiest way to save is to run the air conditioning system less and turn the thermostat up or down a couple degrees. Did you know a ceiling fan can make you feel 3 to 8 degrees cooler which allows you to run your system a few degrees warmer?

It costs a lot more to heat or cool your home when air easily escapes. Weather stripping for doors and caulk for windows is easy to install. Also, consider caulking around all those pipes in the walls and under sinks. If you have a fireplace check the damper to make sure it is closed.

Direct sunlight will raise the temperature of a room up to 20 degrees! This is great in the winter months, but a budget killer in the summer. Drapes block the sunlight and the radiant heat much better than blinds.

The driving force in the air conditioning industry is providing high efficiency reasonably priced units. In the last 15 years alone technology involved in the product surpasses the previous 97 years added together making the decision of replacing your air conditioner easier. Technology has created friendlier ozone gases, and reduced the amount of energy required to do the same amount or work. Often O & H customers realize they are already paying for a new system, but the money is going to the electric company.

You really can save money and save the environment at the same time. That's why at O & H we say “Go Green, Save Green”!


How Can We Help?
Replace Your Air Conditioner

O & H has properly sized and professionally installed air conditioning systems for over 50 years!

An old air conditioning system, or a system that is too big, is inefficient and wastes your money. An oversized unit will cool your home or business too quickly before it has a chance to dehumidify the environment, making your surroundings feel clammy.

An air conditioning system installed today with the average SEER rating, compared to a unit installed 15 years ago with the past average SEER rating...is 50% more efficient.


Check Your Ducts For Leaks

We, here at O & H, take pride in the quality of our duct work and the experience of our team!

The average home in this country loses 40% of conditioned air before it enters the living space. Leaking ducts and/or insufficient insulation has an annual cost of over $450 using the average electrical rates in this country. The money you save by repairing leaks or replacing insulation will easily pay for itself.

Repairing or replacing duct work is a dirty job, and we don't mind getting a little dirty.


Properly Insulate Your Attic

At O & H we consider the amount of insulation in your home. It is a vital part of your air conditioning system!

Not only will a lack of insulation cut heavily into your energy bills, but it will reap havoc on your shingles. This is another project that easily pays for itself. According to Energy Star, it is recommended that you have an R value of 30 in your attic in the state of Georgia. Sadly, the average is less than R 14.

Upon initial inspection of your air conditioning system and duct work, O & H will inspect your whole attic and make recommendations based on our findings.


Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

Crawlspace encapsulation is another service that we provide and recommend at O & H.

The environment in your crawlspace will eventually become the environment of your living space. Advanced energy studies have found nearly a 20% reduction in energy use in homes with a conditioned crawlspace.

The end result is a greater durability of floor, HVAC equipment, and fewer critter problems. The comfort level in your home is increased because of reduced humidity and the crawlspace temperature is closer to the living space temperature.

If the humidity problem still persists, O & H is very experienced in installing crawlspace dehumidifiers.


Install a Programmable Thermostat

O & H service techs are happy to replace your thermostat, or program one you already own.

It is a myth that it takes less energy to run the air conditioner all day, rather than leaving it at a higher setting and turning it on when you get home. Think about it; there is no question that running the air conditioner all day uses more energy. When your house is cooler more heat will attempt to enter. Heat chases cool; that's just what it does! If your system is off during the day it will stop being a heat magnet. Running the air conditioner all day uses 317% more energy than waiting until you get home to turn it to your desired settings.

There is a penalty to running your system all day while you are not home. Installing a programmable thermostat does this for you, not to mention it looks pretty cool on your wall!


Service Your Unit

“Rose Care” is the service we, at O & H, provide to address the following concerns.

Return air filters should be replaced every month no matter what they tell you at your local box store. The only exception to this is an annual filter that we offer. Your air conditioning system works much harder when your filter is dirty which costs you money every month.

Keeping the condensing unit free of debris or tall grass will allow unrestricted air to flow and use less energy. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils semi-annually is critical for maximum efficiency. We recommend an expert for these jobs so no vital components are damaged.

Our “Rose Care” service offers a 29 point inspection of your air conditioning system. We schedule this for you typically in the spring and the fall which keeps your system running at optimum level.